Unity Ceremonies

Beautifully touching additions to your ceremony, these add a deep layer of symbolism. Unity Candle, Dutch Love Letter Box, Blending of Sands or planting The Tree Of Love you are sure to find one that touches your hearts.

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Planning your wedding can be so much fun! We know you have questions, and hopefully you can find answers to most of them here. The more information you have the easier the planning. So take a deep breath, relax and you just might find your answer here.

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We have done hundreds of weddings and through that we meet and work with many different suppliers. Although we cannot personally vouch for anyone in particular we know you will be doing lots of research, so perhaps a link found here for a service or supplier will help.

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Helpful Info

How do you change your name legally? Where and how and when do we get a marriage license? How many places do we need to notify of being married? There is so much to do I just know I am forgetting something! Help!

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